The following is a beginning of a collection of running theories and tips, updated regularly as I learn about new things. Items I find useful in my everyday life, and in this transition into becoming a runner. These will be compiled into a single page or you can follow the category posts. I don’t pretend to know ANYTHING, but I will take advice I find useful and logical and apply it to my life. Feel free to pass on links, articles, emails and such that you think others will benefit from.


  1. Set your alarm for a sleep pattern in multiples of 90 (example 7.5 or 9) to avoid waking up in a normal deep sleep cycle. …from Runners World November 2011




  1. When you get a craving, stop for thirty seconds and learn where that craving is coming from. For example, craving something salty and grabbing for the chips? Maybe you have an electrolyte imbalance and reaching for coconut milk might be the smarter move. …from Run Run Live podcast 10/14/2011


  1.  Heed to the power of slow. Obey your easy paces, they do your overall training good.