Below you can find some of the projects I am currently working on. These are personal projects that take time, and money. If you are interested in helping out, or learning more about helping out, check out the links below in ways you can support them (and in turn me to make more!)

PATREON (monthly support):

Interested in being a sponsor for a film? Contact for info.


Here is a current list of sponsors who have helped make my films possible.

Andrew Caffrey Jason Vidmar Gary Barno
Mike Mertsock ANON Chris O’Brien
Matt Bertrand Danielle Feligno Dan Lopata
Wendy Kaiser Mark Monachino Eric Eagan
Robert Hannan Kathryn O’Regan


BeastCoast Trail Film Series

One of my biggest and most ambitious projects this year is Beast Coast. A series of 6 trail films spread throughout the year. Check it out over here:

Outdoor Trail Films

Occasionally I like to get out and cover a race or something adventurous going on. You can check out some of my past films over here: Event Films