Often I run across other photographers and brands that I like and will highlight them here. Go check them out, they are doing amazing work. I’ll always add to this list.


  •  THE ASCEND COLLECTIVE – Alex Tong, Michael Lesher, Ron Heerkens Jr. Event and Adventure Photography. CHECK IT OUT
  •  IAMLESHER – Michael Lesher has been an active force in the trail running scene and has also turned his camera on the events. An amazing eye and feel for anything he finds.
  • ALEX TONG – Alex has been actively invloved in providing inspiration thru various forms of media and hits areas of the sports scene that make for the dramatic
  • STEVE GALLOW – I met Steve a couple years ago at the Cayuga 50 in Ithaca, he has some pretty amazing beauty in his backyard that sets the tone for his work.


  •  GLEN TACHIYMA – The man. Serious this guy is legend to me, his work is beyond amazing.
  • JOE VIGER – Covering the NE and its hard not to find him at one of those races.
  • MATT TRAPPE – Bringing a brilliant visual perspective while taking site in amazing places. Plus I’m pretty fond of his logo
  • LUIS ESCOBAR – Another great west coast photographer
  • SEB MONTAZ – one of THE best in the industry