Forward: Weekly Report 12/10 – 12/16/2018

Over a week without Facebook! How am I coping?! All is well, running is moving me forward. Running will help solve everything.

A recap weekly/biweekly/monthly or however I decided to do it. A week is determined in my plan as Monday thru Sunday. 1 month is from 1st to last day.

December 10 – December 16 (7 days)

Goal Mileage Week: 25-30 (5 days)
Weekly Running Goal: Begin the buildup back up to run something, and chase down 10,000 miles

MON 12/10/2018


RECAP: Getting back to my 5 day run week means rest on Monday and Friday for me.

TUES 12/11/2018

TITLE: 1513.43  PLACE: Whiting  TYPE OF RUN: Easy
DIST/TIME/PACE: 6.2/1:10  ELEVATION: +360 / -363   RTR/TE: 4/?

RECAP: Began my quest chasing down the miles leading up to 10,000 miles. Two days later I discovered my addition was wrong and I only have 1519.63 miles to go. Ran ok, not great. Will be glad to get out of winter if I can keep running thru it.


WED 12/12/2018

TITLE: 1507.43 aka EveryTrail continued  PLACE: Webster Park   TYPE OF RUN: Easy
DIST/TIME/PACE: 6/1:15  ELEVATION: +169/-169  RTR/TE: 3/?

RECAP:  Continued my EveryTrail by hitting East side of Webster Park. On the west side spent lots of time slowing and walking because of frozen mudprints and bike ruts that we’re taking my ankles every which way. RTR 3/10


THURS 12/13/2018

TITLE: 1,501.43 aka Ladder errrrm Work  PLACE: Webster Roads   TYPE OF RUN: Easy
DIST/TIME/PACE: 6/56:33/9:29p  ELEVATION: +228/-228  RTR/TE: 3/?

RECAP:  First off, screwed up on my mileage chart, but it worked in my favor. Hit the road in hopes of eliviating pressure off the knee that wasn’t feeling great and attempted a ladder workout. Got up to the five minute interval at the base of a hill and decided to can the workout and run easy the rest of the way. By the final half mile the knee felt like it was loosening


FRI 12/14/2018


RECAP: Packet pickup and some rest for the knee.

SAT 12/15/2018

Swag and Bibs from my double 5k.

TITLE: Race 1: Reindeer Run  PLACE: Downtown   TYPE OF RUN: “race”
DIST/TIME/PACE: 3.1/24:10  ELEVATION: +50/-50  RTR/TE: 5/?

RECAP:  Signed up for the race on Thursday, then thought it would be good to sign up for a couple series races and ended up having two 5ks an hour apart from each other. So I parked Lando at the perfect escape spot. Said hi to Scotty Miner as he was warming up (he killed and went sub 20). I wasn’t feeling great or trained for this but I figured it would be a decent baseline for me. Lined up with Dylan Jennings and pretty much just shadowed him up to the last mile. After drafting off two tall guys for mile two I decided to pass DJ and open the legs up. This also happened at the precise moment when Barb B was out taking photos. Made a goofy face, gave a high five and kicked it up a notch. The legs were taking it better than I thought they would. Just as we were cornering Court Street I got a high five from Boots, which gave me a little boost going down hill. Once the legs had opened up I knew it was time to see what was in the reserves. I think I passed about 10-20 people rounding the corner as I was somewhere in the sub 6 pace range for the last 100-200 m stretch. Finished, grabbed my medal and hopped in Lando to skirt off to the next race.


Starting line of Reindeer Run 5K, while Rudy looks on
Finding a groove going into the final mile – Photo by Barb B (Fleet Feet Rochester)
Oh there’s Barb – – Photo by Barb B (Fleet Feet Rochester)
Ok…try to look nice…nice pudge Ron – Photo by Barb B (Fleet Feet Rochester)

Race 2: Don Curran 5K  PLACE: Not so Downtown  TYPE OF RUN: “race”
DIST/TIME/PACE: 3.1/24:30  ELEVATION: 0  RTR/TE: 5/?

RECAP:  Running 2 5K’s in one morning is pretty stupid, but it appears I wasn’t the only stupid one. Got there with plenty of time to spare, change and warmup. Gil grabbed my bib which saved me line time, so that was cool. Talked with Andrew, Prem, Laura as we were getting ready. I didn’t know what to expect other than “8’s”. I tucked in behind Prem assuming he would take it easy…3/4 mile in I realized we were sub 7:30 and at a pace unrealistic for me. Surprisingly 7:30 mile was my fastest of the day. Eventually nearly everyone would pass me as I positive split the race and my legs started to revolt. I kick myself as I put the body into survival cruise control. If I hadn’t, I probably would have bettered the time from race 1. 


Start of Don Curran 5K – Photo by RochesterPhotoCrew
I was running with Prem for 3/4 of a mile then he took off – Photo by RochesterPhotoCrew
This would be the last time I was ahead of Laura, or anyone else in this photo – Photo by RochesterPhotoCrew

SUN 12/16/2018

TITLE: Drunken Therapy  PLACE: Linear PArk   TYPE OF RUN: Easy
DIST/TIME/PACE: 5/59:04  ELEVATION: +186/-186  RTR/TE: 2/?

RECAP: Went back to my old stomping grounds and just ran easy. The body was pretty tired from yesterday and I slogged a bit.


WTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 30.56/ 5:22/ +836/-836
MTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 50 /9:23/ +/-
YTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 510.44/ 107:55/ +/-
LTD Mileage: 8510.92 (from 2/20/2011)

TRAINING: —- (–%) RACING: —- (—%)

Personal DATA

Start/End Weight: ? / 198
Start/End CTL: —/—


Made it thru 2 5Ks! 2 5k’s that were only an hour apart from each other. Also my first 30 mile week since Mid May.


Ah…the general tiredness. Went out to a movie on Sat night and was falling asleep by 9pm. Also zero energy thru the day. Need to start hoping that that will change and put some energizing food back into my diet to help out

What’s Working

Just running easy for now. Signed up for two series, Snow Cheap and Freezeroo to pull my ass along. The trick will be to not overdo it or get injured so I can have good running in Spring and Summer.

What’s Not

General achiness. (sp) The knee and ankles were a bother to run thru this week


Snow Cheap #1 at Mendon on Wednesday, and just general running easy the rest of the week. 

Chasing down 10,000 miles.