Failure or Broken?: Weekly Report 12/3 – 12/9/2018

It’s been four days since I decided to breakup with Facebook for once and for all. I keep having this feeling like I’m going thru a mental/societal breakdown. Running has been the thing that has held me together in the past and I’m hoping it somehow does going forward. This week was not one in the plus column for anything, but at least I got out there and did something, right?

A recap weekly/biweekly/monthly or however I decided to do it. A week is determined in my plan as Monday thru Sunday. 1 month is from 1st to last day.

December 3 – December 9 (7 days)

Goal Mileage Week: 15-20 (4 days)
Weekly Running Goal: Begin the buildup back up to run something

MON 12/3/2018

DIST/TIME/PACE: 3.7/48:50 ELEVATION: +179 / -179   RTR/TE: 4/?

RECAP: No one joined me on this, so I brought Ollie along as it snowed like crazy. Hard to see at times, was going to push for 5 but didn’t have it in me. Body isn’t moving well enough. Getting rid of Mondays and moving back to 5 days a week.


TUES 12/4/2018

TITLE: Trail Trots  PLACE: Durand   TYPE OF RUN: Easy
DIST/TIME/PACE: 4.05/48:19  ELEVATION: +360 / -363   RTR/TE: 4/?

RECAP: Joined up with the group, got out of doing hill repeats. Still wasn’t feeling well and decided after nearly rolling my ankle again to split from group and take road back.


WED 12/5/2018


RECAP: Day off!

THURS 12/6/2018


RECAP: Day off!

FRI 12/7/2018


RECAP: Day off!

SAT 12/8/2018

TITLE: Shitty WTF  PLACE: Powder Mill   TYPE OF RUN: “race”
DIST/TIME/PACE: 5.14/1:04  ELEVATION: +456 / -456  RTR/TE: 1/?

RECAP:  After Dirt Cheap I thought I might be able to squeak out 15 miles, but at least 10. After 1 mile in I was ready to thrown in the towel. Nothing felt right, couldn’t find a rhythm and then the knee started acting up on the downhills. Even if I can’t find speed, I sure would love to get my uphill/downhill back. Something I felt I was actually good at.


SUN 12/9/2018

TITLE: Blowing up some shit  PLACE: Lucien Morin   TYPE OF RUN: Easy
DIST/TIME/PACE: 3.5/53:04  ELEVATION: +702 / -703  RTR/TE: 1/?

RECAP: Trying to work on my climbing again. Went out for the SuperLoop but par for the course I just wasn’t feeling it today. Got a couple miles in and looped back early.


WTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 16.43/ 3:34/ +1697/-1697
MTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 19.4 /4:01/ +/-
YTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 479.8/ 102:33/ +/-
LTD Mileage: 8338.84 (from 2/20/2011)

TRAINING: —- (–%) RACING: —- (—%)

Personal DATA

Start/End Weight: ? / 198
Start/End CTL: —/—


I got out for 4 runs. 


Pretty much everything. The runs felt like shit, emotionally I felt like shit. I seemed to have chased all my friends away, I can’t get any of them to run with me. Which you know, only helps depression at this time of year. I miss my running partners. I have had good ones, but I’ve lost them all to many factors. 

What’s Working

Not much, but trying to force myself out even when I don’t want to. Signing up for races helps.

What’s Not

Mondays. Definitely stopping Mondays and moving that run to Wednesdays. Yes I have a busy schedule but I’m missing that day off on either side of the weekend. So trying to go back to my 5 day run week and see if we can get the mileage 20-25 thru winter at least. 


Possibly running the Snow Cheap stuff to keep me moving forward. Looking at my mileage data and seeing I’m 1661 miles from 10,000 has me thinking about cranking out the mileage at an avg of 30 to get me there by the end of next year. Realistic if I can stay healthy and uninjured. Something I haven’t been able to do over the last couple of years.