Back in the Saddle: Part 2

So here we are, fast forward 4 months.

A little bit of running, a little bit of photography, a lot of complaining.

Yeah I’ll be the first to admit, I complain a lot when things aren’t going as planned. However I’ve thrived on the ability to improvise any given situation to try and make the best of it.

So Biking: took a spill, got injured and couldn’t run or bike now, so ended up taking more time off, with a few test runs thrown in for good measure.

Got to the end of October and started trying to slowly ramp things back up, since I was registered for the Dirt Cheap Stage Races, I decided to run them, and finished. More weeks, more running. On avg, prob 3-4 runs a week on a good day. Would like to push up to 20-30 miles weekly but its going to take some more time and repetition to get there.Tomorrow I line up for 15 miles at the #TrailsRoc W.T.F race, my first time, despite running the course several times over.

In the midst of all this I started a new personal project to keep me motivated, running Every Trail in the #TrailsRoc app. So currently taking on Webster area (close to home). I also decided for good measure to finally delete, not deactivate, my Facebook for once and for all. Its become a place I don’t feel happy visiting any more and seems to get in the way of my creation as I get lost in its black hole.

So follow me on Twitter/Instagram/You Tube, become a Patreon supporter to help my creation, send me an email, call me or text me, or run into me on the trails. Hope to update this more often than I have.