Back in the Saddle: Part 1

Written back in August….lololol….

To say “it’s been awhile”, would be an understatement. To say I “fell out of routine” would be an under exaggeration. But hey, I’m here. Let me catch you up on what’s happened over the last couple years. To recap, start here when I first got Broken . 

All caught up? Ok…well, that summer did indeed break me. I wasn’t able to find a groove and constantly felt injured. Over and over, rinse and repeat. Eventually winter came, I put on weight and struggled more. I decided to put my mind on something else and let running just be something in the background, so I started up BeastCoast  video series, following awesome people around doing fun stuff. I got more and more out of shape and fat over the following winter.

So, I finally decided to do something about it again. I started out small, got some momentum and even found my way into Sehgahunda and finished with my slowest time yet, but all in all it ended up being a mental win. Around the same time I was running a flat canal run with my friend Greg that pulled/tweaked  something in my right calf. No biggie, it will go away.


During this time I stupidly decided to signup for Many on the Genny (40 miles) …yeah I’m not smart. Basically 0 to 40 miles in the course of a couple months of moderate running, with very little trail work. So MOTG comes and I make it 10 miles before the calf becomes a bother, I fast hike another 10 to bail out at 20 miles, having a day that really wasn’t any fun. After MOTG I resigned myself to stay off trails and stick to roads to let things settle and heal up.

The next weekend I was up covering photos for Red Newt Racing and Whiteface VK/Race. While covering the race on Sunday I decided to head down the steep descent and follow the runners coming down. I made it about half mile before some rock mixture gave way and I hard rolled my ankle in a way I’ve never rolled it before. By the time I recovered and made it down the mountain it was quite painful and swollen and pretty sure I broke something. Having the shittiest health insurance possible, I didn’t see a doctor to confirm this and insisted on letting it heal by not running and self care. 3 weeks later the swelling stopped. Just in time for me to run on trails in a trail relay. Yep…16 miles on trails with zero running for the month, that should go real well.


About 2 miles into the first loop the slamming of the ankle aggravated everything and swelling started back up. I went out for a second loop and things just got worse on the easiest loop there. I got back and told my team I couldn’t run the last loop. So to add insult to injury, I couldn’t run, and I let me team down, making one of them have to run extra. Coming out of the weekend I was/am a bit frustrated.

Queue the music…

Underneath all this, a couple weeks back I asked a friend to help me look at getting started in mountain biking. I have not been a fan of biking, but my experience has been tied to roads…and well, roads suck.

Fast forward to today, I am now three rides in on a borrowed Fat Bike and liking it…like TRULY liking it. Is it running? Well, no. But it does give me something to go to when I can’t run and need more healing time. So for now that is what I’m doing, run a little, bike a little and see where it goes. What’s my goal? Get healthy again and lose weight.

And for those that care, I’m starting back with my weekly reports as I deem able to.