I’m excited to announce the “official” launch of a film series I have not only been talking about, but working on for quite some time. The BeastCoast Trail Film Series will be a series of 6 short films spread throughout 2017.



The first will launch in January 2017 and feature Buffalo, NY resident and ultrarunner Daven Oskvig and the Oil Creek 100 mile race. An undertaking like this is not easy. It takes, time, money and people. One of those people who helped make this possible was Eric Eagan and the words he wrote for me for the narration.

These are the places we see and these are trails we retreat to.
This is the backdrop to the pages that become the stories that we live.
Forged by tough weather and tougher runners. This is our home. Our community. Our sanctuary.
We feel welcome here. Somehow accepted and drawn in by the tenacity of the terrain. This represents each of us who value the vastness of the backcountry, the beauty of summits, and the opportunity to escape.
Land shaped by retreating glaciers generations ago.The rugged Adirondack, Catskill, and Appalachian mountain chains. Old mills of the north east. Oil and coal fields in the appalachians.  Farms and open space of the south. Ridgelines on the stunning shores of Ontario and Erie. In these lands runners find themselves grinding out runs along the wet, root filled terrain that rewards the challenge of the run with the beauty of the moment . The trails all vary, but the people, the runners, and the community all feel the same.  long lost friends coming back together again in the woods.
The is  east coast trail running .
This is Beast Coast

Additional Footage provided by 
Jared Avigliano, Scott Dawson,
 Eric Eagan, Jeff McBeth, Mike Mertsock, Chris O’Brien. Music: The Wild by Bastian license via Audiosocket

And of course the Patreons and supporters who have helped me begin to fund this. I am in search of more Patreon supporters and big sponsors. If you would like to become a sponsor please contact me at, to become a Patreon supporter follow the link below.

Thanks and I hope you will enjoy this journey with me around the east coast trail running scene

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