Fat Bikes, Friends & Failing

Well….it’s been an interesting couple of weeks, so I’m just going to tally it all up into one post and be done with it.


To date this year has been pretty laughable.


A whopping 99 miles. To say its less than planned would be an understatement. On the bright side, I’m not burned out, or overworked, but def not near running “shape”. Nearly every run has been reduced to running on the treadmill. I’ve been avoiding outdoors like the plague due to the insane cold. Oh well, it is what it is, need to keep my focus on summer and fall to excell not spring. I don’t want to burn out and fizzle early like have nearly every year. So..taking it easy till the weather allows me to perform and get quality training in. Mentally it is hard no being able to keep up with friends and join them on the runs, or in the races. Along the way I have gained an extra 15 lbs. Insulation from the cold?

Looking ahead I have signed up for a few things, like Whiteface weekend, Webster Trail Classic and Twisted Branch 100K. I’ve also put myself on the waitlist for Laurel Highlands and Ontario Summit. The latter two I highly doubt I will get in, but its nice to have options if they become available. Grindstone 100 reg doesn’t open till April and I’m hoping it stays open long enough to see if I get into LH or not.


As we entered a new year, I also decided to get back into make a deliberate effort as far as my photography is concerned. The biggest thing this time around is I’m doing it for myself. So if someone wants to hire me to do something that falls in line with that goal, then I will do it, outside of that I’m just going out and getting things that are interesting to me. Along the way I also cleaned up my photography catalog and launched a dedicated photo gallery. www.rhjr.me

Screenshot 2015-02-17 09.29.43So far I am pretty happy with it. Not happy with having to pay a monthly fee for the site, but for what I get, e commerce, fulfillment and unlimited storage, its hard pressed to find a better alternative at this moment. So far a couple sales have resulted from a few of the races I’ve photographed, so trying to find the value in my work while exercising my craft. Taking photos last year at Cayuga 50 really put the bug back into me and spending the last 5 years with an iPhone and a point and shoot has definitely helped me see things differently. Here are a couple favorites from this year so far:

Frozen Assets

Held down at Harriet Hollister is provide for some scenic views, although it was quite cold.


Held more locally in Mendon, another fun race with lots of friends racing in the two races.

Fat Bike Criterium

My friend Andy was putting on the race, and friend Eric was racing. I’ve never seen a fat bike race so I braved the cold and ventured out with the camera to see what it was all about.

Cast A Shadow

A new yearly tradition except this year I was not racing…thankfully…

BOB50/100 Friends

My friend Sean was racing, and the rest of the #TrailsRoc crew was there to support him.

I also tried to do a Photo A Day series again this year…and failed…again. Oy.

Other Stuff

Outside of running and photography I have also found myself in the ensemble of the musical Violet to be performed in May at Blackfriars Theatre. It’s pretty special for me as this will be my last show with Jack, the artistic director, before he retires. Its also my first musical in 4 years. So I am pretty excited about that. It will have an affect on me running wise simply due to time commitment but it gives me a little diversity in my life.

So there, you are caught up, I’m caught up, and hopefully next time I’ll have something important to say.

Probably not.