Project 365/52 Week 1: YELLOW

Lone Soldier

This weeks theme will be on the color yellow

2014-12-31 09.22.09

January 1

Lone Soldier

Project 365/52 Week 1: YELLOW – Standing out amoung the noise surrounding it.

A friend invited me to go out for a walk with them and I brought my camera along with me. We went thru Linear Park in Penfield, a place I frequently run thru. Came across this guy blowing in the wind.

January 2



Project 365/52 Week 1: YELLOW – Pile of candy wrappers hailing the name of my addiction.

A friend dropped by and left us a package of Reese’s PB cups. Seriously probably my greatest single weakness. I will do just about anything for a Reese’s.

January 3


No Vehicles

Project 365/52 Week 1: YELLOW – Sign posted in Harriet Hollister.

I headed down with some friends and took photos during Goose Adventure Racing’s Frozen Assets race. As I was leaving I saw this sign, felt it was perfect with the runners coming down the trail.

January 4

Two for Three

Project 365/52 Week 1: YELLOW – One of my favortie races, finished it two of three times

Struggled looking for something to photograph, realized I was holding this the entire time.

Look Back

Well…not every day is going to be a good picture day. I saw lots of yellow, but for some reasons I just didn’t take the photo or just kept going. Some stuff just ended up not being that interesting. Below are some other candidates that didn’t make the final cut.