Standing on The Edge

Well…here I am again. About to embark on something stupid, yet once more. 10 days away from my 2nd attempt at 100 miles. Last year’s attempt ended in complete and utter failure at mile 53 in Vermont. This time I will be returning to Oil Creek, site of my 100K finish, which was also my first ultra.

I had planned this year to have been done with my big distance back in June, but a hiccup at Sehgahunda made me drop out of Laurel Highlands 70 mile, and then choose between Grind Stone and Oil Creek as my fall 100. Giving me enough time to recover from what was wrong and get things back on track. I ended up choosing Oil Creek for its comfort factor. After being there 2 years in a row in vastly different conditions, I am comfortable going in and not worrying about what to expect.

So I took some time to recoup, then ran the FL50 on a less than stellar couple of weeks training. A month later, Devils Path was completed. Things were going “ok”. Then Dam Good happened and all the bad things started coming back. I dropped (I never signed up so is it really a drop) from Virgil before even toeing the line. Then I did something drastic, I took 2 full weeks off. I felt burned out, tired, sluggish, hurt, but most importantly not mentally there.

In the 2 weeks off, I never once even had a desire to go run. That was saying something.

Started up last week and got 2 runs in. My heart rate is out of whack, my legs are still tired.

But here I am. 100% committed to gettin out on the Oil Creek course and finishing 100 miles even if it kills me. I can fake a 50K, even a 50 mile. I NEED to make it to the 100 K mark and push myself past that AS into the third loop. Then its uncharted territory.

I am less prepared than Vermont, worse mileage, more tired, less elevation.

Just need to get right mentally.

I’ve got my crew set with my wife, and friends Tim and Heather pulling me from 100K on.

10 days.

I got this…


…or at least I can die trying!