Training Report: 8/18 – 8/24

A recap weekly/biweekly/monthly or however I decided to do it. A week is determined in my plan as Monday thru Sunday. 1 month is from 1st to last day.


August 18 – August 24 (7 days)

Goal Mileage Week: 40mi
Weekly Running Goal: Begin the buildup back up to run a 100 mile!


MON 8/18/2014


RECAP: Normal Monday rest day.

TUES 8/19/2014

TITLE: 1 Hour Trail Reco  PLACE: Linear Park   TYPE OF RUN: RECO
DIST/TIME/PACE: 6.26/1:09  ELEVATION: +279 / -308   RTR/TE: 5/4.3

RECAP: [Linear Park] – Ran out with Chloe, then met up with H and ran the back half with her. Felt good to get out and get soem time on the feet with a friend. Legs were a bit heavy but very relaxed today.

Weight: 168, Training effect: 4.3, Recovery Time: 36,


WED 8/20/2014

TITLE: A Run for Roscoe  PLACE: Linear/Quarry   TYPE OF RUN: Trail
DIST/TIME/PACE: 8.04/1:24  ELEVATION: +318 / -338   RTR/TE: 5/5

RECAP: It’s been a rough month. And today was a very painful emotional day. Today we laid our dog Roscoe down to sleep. He’s been suffering the last month with some severe seizures that took a tool on him and things were getting worse and going downhill fast. Earlier today we took him for a walk in his favorite park, went and shared a Bacon Cheeseburger, Fries and Vanilla Ice cream before we took him over to the vet. On the way over I saw a glimpse of his former happy smiley goofyy self lappign up the wind from the window with his big ol smile. It was gone just as quickly. After everything was done I needed my time. I decided to grab his tags and bring them with me. In the 8 years we had him, we never went on a run together. When I started to run his hips and wieght issues were wearing on him and I really couldn’t. So today, we ran. We ran 1 mile for every year he was in our lives. He will be missed. This was a very hard run to get thru, and a very hard day on us all. I also found it interesting that as soon as we came out from the vet, the rain started and turned into a torential downpour. The heavens were weeping with joy that they got thier favorite joker back.

Weight: 168, Rate This Run: 5, Training effect: 5, Recovery Time: 72


THURS 8/21/2014

TITLE: Running in circles  PLACE: Dryer Rd  TYPE OF RUN: Easy
DIST/TIME/PACE: 6.8/1:45  ELEVATION:+1,070 / -1,079  RTR/TE:

RECAP: Went out for some pregroup miles with Chloe then ran most of the RSG course with Eric on bike. Really humid tonight and I had nothing in the legs, felt very tired.
2mi WU
wait for group: 18:50
Most of RSG: 4.53/1:01


FRI 8/22/2014


RECAP: Day off!

SAT 8/23/2014

TITLE: 2/3 of TTT  PLACE: South Ellison/Tryon   TYPE OF RUN: Trail Run
DIST/TIME/PACE: 11.6/2:33  ELEVATION: +1,427 / -1,437  RTR/TE: 6/4.6

RECAP:  Met up with Dan, Ben, Mark, Robin and Linda for a run around the potential course for my future 50K. Got 2/3 of it done and decided to call it a aday, really tired legs on top of running faster tomorrow… Also the 3rd Loop thru EPW is the hardest with alsmost the same EC as the first two loops combined….

Loop 1 (Ellison): 1:05:29/4.91mi (13:20p)
short break MAIN AS: 2:07
MAIN AS to 2 Connector: 10:17/0.89mi (11:33p)
Loop 2 (Tryon): 1:05:53/4.98mi (13:13p)
Loop 2 connector to MAIN AS: 9:09/ 0.77mi (11:52p)

Weight: 168, Rate This Run: 6, Training effect: 4.6, Recovery Time: 56



SUN 8/24/2014

TITLE: Dam Good BAD… Trail Race 2014  PLACE: FLT-Letchworth   TYPE OF RUN: Race
DIST/TIME/PACE: 13.6/2:30  ELEVATION: +1,240 / -1,240  RTR/TE: 1/5

RECAP:  Bottom line: I should NOT have run today. Or at least not have put myself in a race environment. I seriously underestimated how emotionally and physically draining the last 9 days have been. Things became pretty apparent pretty quick when around mile 1 I missed a root and fell hard on my knee emptying me of water. ICE COLD water…all over my chest. I picked myself up and worked back to where I was, only to roll my ankle a mile later. Another 2 miles and I took another hard fall on the same knee. I fought hard to get back to where I was but starting feeling my legs completely fade. I would push until the bottom of the turn around in 56 mins. My goal at the start was hit the turnaround by 1hr and get as close as I could on the way back and finish near 2:00 (the mud was making it slow going). When I hit the turn for the turnaround, I mentally snapped and walked all the way up. 12 mins later I was at the turn around and trying to snap out of it on my way back down. Downhills have a way of resetting me and I thought I had got my groove back only to find the first climb pretty painful on my knee…then the next downhill. Kirsten picked me up around this time and “forced” me to keep up with her. Mentally she helped me get back and finish out the run. Coming in almost a full half hour where I thought I should;ve been was discouraging, but more of an eye opener that I should really learn to listen.

1st half ish: 7:52/9:12/9:01/9:24/9:10/10:34
2nd Halfish:14:42/12:13/14:10/11:30/11:38/13:20/12:01/8:27

Weight: 168, Rate This Run: 1, Training effect: 5, Recovery Time: 71



WTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 46.21/ 9:22 / +4334/-4369
MTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 129:59 /32:10/ +20357/-20572
YTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 1156.7/ 229:49 / +127287/-126458
LTD Mileage: 5679.21 (from 2/20/2011)

TRAINING: 32.61 (71%) RACING: 13.6mi (29%)

Personal DATA

Start/End Weight: 162 / 166
Start/End CTL: 110/115


A run with a friend…albiet a short one, a longer run with some friends on Sat and catching up on the trail with a friend during the race


In general the whole week. Absolutely wiped out by everything emotionally and physically. These last 9 days (going back to Devils Path) just knocked me out. Dealing with the dog issue on top of it put me in a bad place mentally by the end of it.

What’s Working

This week…not much.

What’s Not

Well, everything seems to be not working. The wonderful ups and downs of training cycles. I decided to part ways with Coach Vargo and go back to my own thing for Oil Creek, it wsan’t working for me and it was hard to keep myself focused on the schedule over the past month.


Oil Creek. No races, just runs. Get myself to a good point like I was before FL50. 47 days.