Training Report: 8/4 – 8/10

A recap weekly/biweekly/monthly or however I decided to do it. A week is determined in my plan as Monday thru Sunday. 1 month is from 1st to last day.

After a pretty miserable ultra leadup and training cycle in the spring, I finished the Finger Lakes 50 mile. This training cycle kicks off week 1 with coach Chris Vargo in leadup to Oil Creek 100 mile on October 11.

August 4 – August 10 (7 days)

Goal Mileage Week: 22-35 miles (0/3/6/5/0/8/5)
Weekly Running Goal: Begin the buildup back up to run a 100 mile!


MON 8/4/2014


RECAP: Normal Monday rest day.

TUES 8/5/2014


TITLE: Hill Repeats  PLACE: Linear Park   TYPE OF RUN: Hill Repeats
DIST/TIME/PACE: 5.1/49:25  ELEVATION: +180 / -174   RTR/TE: 7/4.1

RECAP:  nothing special, just getting some short easy miles in.

Weight: 165, Rate This Run: 7, Training effect: 4.1, Recovery Time: 38,



WED 8/6/2014

SCHEDULED: 6 miles

TITLE: RSG Course Reroute   PLACE: Dryer Rd Park   TYPE OF RUN: Hard Trail
DIST/TIME/PACE: 4.5/54:38  ELEVATION: +673 / -696   RTR/TE: 8/3.3

RECAP: Met up with Eric to reroute the RSG course. We added Pinball which adds a ton more turns and fun downhill right after comign up Owls Maze. Figure we lost about 3/4-1mi between Chutes/Owls/Pinball with the turns via GPS. I will go back out with the cadence sensor as I believe this is right near 5.25-5.5mi.

Weight: 163.9, Rate This Run: 8, Training effect: 3.3, Recovery Time: 24,



THURS 8/7/2014


TITLE: Medved Mess the Dress Run  PLACE:BCP   TYPE OF RUN: Easy + Strides
DIST/TIME/PACE: 6/58:19 (53:47 8:58mp)  ELEVATION: +256 / -249   RTR/TE:8/4.5

RECAP:  Flat and faster group run at BCP. Welden and Eric led us around, at 2 mi I split off to do my prescribed training then rejoined the group. IT was a nice night for a nice run and only got bit a couple times, and hit some thick deep mud for a small section.

2mi WU: 19:28 9:43
5×20 sec repeats: 5:50/5:41/7:43/5:14/6:14
2mi CD: 21:52 10:55
1.38 extra 9:17
Weight: 163, Rate This Run: 8, Training effect: 4.5, Recovery Time: 48,



FRI 8/8/2014


RECAP: Day off!

SAT 8/9/2014

SCHEDULED: 8-10 mile

TITLE: 4x Coyote 4×4  PLACE: South Ellison   TYPE OF RUN: Trail Run
DIST/TIME/PACE: 8.8/1:42  ELEVATION: +1,834 / -1,847  RTR/TE: 9/4

RECAP: [] – A good morning for a trail run with friends. Joined this morning for a tour of the 4×4 loop wiht Jamie and Tim, Jeff and Michelle also came and ran together. It was good running with them as its been quite a while. We ran the first couple together before Jamie took off at blistering speeds. It was a fun morning and the first time I got 4 loops in…!

Loops: 23:59/24:41/24:57/24:08
Weight: 165, Rate This Run: 9, Training effect: 4., Recovery Time: 72,



SUN 8/10/2014

SCHEDULED: 5-6 mile

RECAP: Late night out with friends, waking up late then spent the day at the amusement park for my daughters 10th birthday. Got home around 8 and was way past tired to do any running.


WTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 24.41/ 4:24 / +2903/-2932
MTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 51.06 /10:59/ +6476/-6480
YTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 1079.72/ 208:58 / +113550/-112466
LTD Mileage: 5602.24 (from 2/20/2011)

TRAINING: 24.41 (100%) RACING: 0mi (0%)

Personal DATA

Start/End Weight: 162 / 165
Start/End CTL: 110/108


Just getting some low key low mileage runs in that were pretty good.


A little tired this week, but not from running. Life and diet have made me a little tired, just trying to keep up.

What’s Working

One foot in front of the other.

What’s Not



Devils Path! Once that is out of the way /I have back to back weeks of Dam Good and Monster Marathon.