Breaking the Social Chain

Well…if you are reading this then you may have gotten here via one of my several posts from the last week:

Over the course of the next several weeks, you may find yourself “removed” from my friend list. Do not take this personally. This is part of my effort to remove myself from Facebook and stick to my blog, which I really can’t do due to my involvement with #TrailsRoc and Mudslog and FB frowns upon “fake second accounts” for admin purposes. If you want to make it easier…go ahead and “De-friend” me now. Go ahead,…make the first strike. I will not care. At some point I will just disappear. You can find me on a trail, or thru email/text, or thru my wife who loves FB.

In short…don’t be offended if you are no longer a “facebook friend” Its me, not you.


I did it.

I don’t know how, but I did. It was a hard decision to do as well. Over the years I have trimmed my friend list down considerably but recently I noticed it was back up past 400 and I was just getting tired. Tired of games, jealousy, wishing I was invited, wishing I was somewhere else. Facebook is a fickle beast. Some people can walk away and only use it a couple times, for me it was a drug. A way to keep on things that were happening…but what was  I missing?

Personal connection.

Facebook is great in the sense that it allows you expand relationships and help those grow. In truth some of the friends I would call close now, have happened due to social involvement.

But let me let you in on a little secret.

I am not a people person. Never have been

Yes I may like being in front of a crowd, but I am more content in hiding on the sides letting someone else get their high on, and just watching people. Observing. The tinkerer, the mechanic. The people that care will stay close and be a part of my life going forward. I want to be able to cultivate relationships in person not just on FB.

Who knows how long I stay like this.

At first it was easy to trim the list…get rid of those that just befriended you, people you have no contact with, old HS friends, obscure family members.

I set ground rules, immediate family, friends who I treat as family, #trailsroc, and any connections I need business or project wise where FB just makes things easier for communication.

Once I dropped below 100 it started getting harder.

Delete the people who like and comment on stuff?

It was painful but it had to be done. My wife is friends with most of the people I know so most of that contact is there and won’t change much in the end. But here I sit. 54 people left on my list. 15 or so are actual family members.

Thank you for understanding, that is is a selfish decision, but one that in the end I hope can cultivate new friendships and stronger binds.

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