2013 Running Recap & Looking into 2014

 As I was getting this prepped for this year, I found that what I thought was my yearly mileage actually was in error because of a double entry. So, I lost 20 miles in the process, further lowering my total of goal not met.



1836.23 / 346:04 / 11:26/mile +171,455/-174,104

Trail: 1085 mi / 220:42 / +128,955 / -131,850
Road: 259.4 mi / 38:31 / +11,256 / -11,479
Track: 88.63 mi / 14:21
Treadmill: 123.53 mi / 18:31
RACE: 260.16 mi / 50:44 / +29,378 / -28,816


Highest: 230 March / 65 (6/10)
Lowest: 72.79 December / 4 (7/29)


Total Number: 241 (some are multipart runs (warmups/cooldowns etc)

Fastest avg (over 1 mi) : 6:24/mi (Scare Brain Cancer away 5K)
Slowest avg (over 1 mi): 25:22/mi (Devils Path)
Longest (mi): 53.44mi (Vermont 100 DNF)



I had this grand goal in 2013 to run 2013 miles. Due to some injury/tiredness and inconsistency I found myself short of this goal when all was said and done. Can’t lie, this disappointed me. A lot. I am hoping that this 3 week time-off renews my energy and gets me back on track. I have a wild goal of around 2500 miles this year. That would be less than 50 miles per week. I need to find a place where my body feels ok running higher weekly mileage as I feel this will in the end help me obtain my goals. As my key race is in June I plan to really push hard and be consistent for the 6 months and see if I can handle being on that level.


Cutting back a little on the racing (hopefully) and focusing on performing at my key races. I have:

-Cast A Shadow Relay
-Johnny’s 5 mile
-Something Top Secret
-Fat Ass 50K for my birthday
-Muddy Sneaker
-Medved Madness / Mendon Mauler (probably not either as I want to due Devils Path in May)
Laurel Highlands 70 mile (A race)

if these go well, I will start planning the rest of the year, but Grindstone 100 is a possibility, don’t need to make a decision until April 1.
there are plenty of other things on my “want to do” but I need to really focus on Laurel and will not let that get sidetracked.



I tried to lose more weight this year, but ended up the same as I started. So I’m going with the same 2014 goal as last year. I expect to be in the low 150 range when I hit my first race in mid March. It’s only a 10-15lb drop but its huge for me.


Trying to cut out more of the crap. My metabolism has been on overload, I just need to learn to control and suppress, which for me is harder than running an ultra.


I have committed to doing more barefoot training to strengthen my feet, the weak link right now as I see it, and obtain good form. I need to start incorporating my AIS back into my routine to help keep the legs loose and strong.


In short I plan to have a great and fun 3rd year in my return to running and hope to work with my daughter and wife as they hopefully take up and tie the laces on.