Getting Back Into It:

As you may or may have not noticed, I recently took a hiatus from running. The purpose of this was simple, give my body time to recoup and heal from the abuse I’ve thrown at it.

Did it work?

I don’t know if it did or not. It sure got my mind off running…for about 3 days. So many fun things were going on that it was hard to distract myself and find other things to do. The key area of this time off was 2 weeks of doing nothing. After that I began to get out and start living again.

These are just some of the things I did with my time off.

Spending time with family

Being a distance runner has its benefits, for example the ability to eat what ever you want whenever you want to, and not feel guilty. Or the ability to sleep like a baby. Being an ultra runner (or training to be one) gives you those same benefits, but like on steroids. One of the downsides is you have to take that time out somewhere, and more often than not, encroaching on family time is an inevitable occurrence. I decided to use some of this free time to get out with my girls and spend time not focused on running, but rather just enjoying the days.

We explored a new park Abraham Lincoln Park in Webster, on a balmy November day. (potentially scouting a place to run….)

Emma and Riley

We spent some time geocaching thru Linear Park. We found 2 geocache’s quite quickly but struggled with the third.

Family Geocaching

I took Emma and Chloe up to hike up Woodcliff and show her one of the spots I run occasionally. Her amazement at the top was something fun to see. Riley however wanted nothing to do with the hike of course.

Hike with Emma and Chloe Emma & Chloe on a hike

 Spending time with friends

As a member of TrailsRoc, we hosted our first ever “TrailsRoc Troubled Turkey Trail Run” in Ellison Park on Thanksgiving morning. I took Chloe along with me and we walked around the park while others ran. We climbed to the top of sand-hill and then were treated to see a beautiful sunrise over a foggy valley. Chloe was quite confused as to why we were not running.

sunrise at the turkey trail run Chloe at the Troubled Turkey Trot

Spending time alone

I went hiking thru Ellison Wetlands (which is one of my favorite trails to run) after getting my early Christmas present, my new (albeit small) camera. I was impressed at the photos that this little guy took and look forward to snapping pics and videos in the months ahead.

hike thru epw another view of the climb in epw One of the most fun climbs in EPW more EPW epw hike thru epw Sunset at EPW

Breaking the rest

In the middle of week three I was getting restless. The original plan was to be out for almost 4 weeks, but I was itching to go. Quietly I told no one then promptly broke my “non-running fast” on the 21st day. As mother natures practical joke to me, she decided to dump the first snowfall of winter on me. I needless to say do not like snow or cold. Chloe enjoyed the run and I began my new streak of taking pics on every trail run.

sad face for the first run back = snow08080160_n First run back with Chloe...snow chloe and the bridges

The next day, I enjoyed Eric and Sean with Liz & Barley for an hour thru Tryon. Nothing like breaking back into running in style! Chloe was restored to the happiness that is a trail running dog.

Tryon park fun with friends after run happy dog

In the following days, I returned to GVH (my run club) for the first time in a month. Saw a few people said hi, then ran a couple 800’s to see if my legs had life in them. It was wet and cold, but fun to put some speed back out there.

A couple days later the sun was shining and I had the idea to “Race the Sunset”. Something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. MY plan was to run the outer perimeter of EPW and get back before the sun broke the plane of the trees. I ran 1500+ of EG in 5.5 miles in around 55 minutes. It was pretty much a ties with the Sunset. It was a great run and I got some shots of the bay, and a very tired me.overlooking the bay me and the bay

My next run would prove to be one of my most favorite experiences, my run with Krissy. You can read about that here.Krissy Moehl at top of Woodcliff

So yeah, I’m back. I’m not 100%, but rather 65% at best. It is not comfortable to run more than an hour. I missed out Western States for 2013, I qualified, I entered but I just didn’t get pulled in the lottery. Next year I hope to qualify again, and this time I’ll put 2 tickets in. I did however sign up for the Vermont 100. SO I am going to do my first 100 miler next year. My training plan starts at the end of February, and the plan between now and then is to just stay healthy, and get some quality miles and runs in.

No injuries, and no races. If I don’t feel good, I back off its quite simple. I’m also running by TOF (time on feet) see this post for what I’m talking about, rather than mileage. My aim is to run happy, and enjoy the experience. I am afraid of nothing, nor any distance anymore. I know what my body can handle and where my pain threshold is. Hopefully come race day on July 20th I can prove it to be MY race and my time.

In the meantime, I don’t know what my blog posts will be. I still plan on recaps of training, but probably more videos and photos and maybe even a podcast or two. Life tends to get in the way sometimes, and family comes first. So after all that is settled and I have the time, then what happens happens.