Of Old friends and new reunions…

It has been 11 years since I walked out of my high school doors, with nary a look back. I was on my own going into this world to face what ever challenges lie before me. I quickly lost touch with the friends I did have as they all went thier various directions and I headed down the path that would take me on a mission for my church. As the years went by and I started a family, I watched as time slowly began to go quicker year after year. Last year a little known tool simply called “Facebook” /sc entered into my life. I began to reconnect with old friends and recent friends. As I made my desire of wanting to build my portfolio, I had several people respond. One of them was an old friend, Nell.

Nell graciously offered her family, the Ruedins, to me for a photoshoot. I remember the first time I met Nell, it was in Mr. Ruggerios (sp?) French Class. Life has taken us down many paths since, and it was great to be “reunited” with her and the family she has made. A very happy family, I enjoyed the shoot and the time with them.

Here are some of my favorites: