And the cannons roared…(Boston Part II)

Part 2 of our Boston trip took us to a travel of history. One of my favorite subjects of all time to study or watch is anything regarding American History, more specifically the Revolutionary War and how this country came (and almost didn’t) to be. Boston is one of the most pivotal stops along any history buffs lists of what happened to spark and win a revolution.

This day we decided to take the foot path along the Freedom Trail, and wow, what history was on that path. Starting out at Faneuil Hall, we weaved our way thru many of Bostons streets, some of them busy to the hilt with cars, others barren as travelers and tourists crossed the cobbled lanes. I stood outside the walls where the Declaration began to be drafted, the same walls which a bloody massacre occurred.


Boston Meeting Hall


Site of the Boston Massacre

We continued our path and walk thru several grave sites, among those buried…Samuel Adams…Paul Revere…John Hancock…James Otis…Dawes….and so many others who sacrificed their lives to help this nation become what it was. I say was, because I feel many have lost that knowledge or notion, of what this country and those before us have gone thru. It was fitting that we traveled down these streets as our nation was celebrating Memorial Day.


One of many Boston grave sites

We walked thur Boston Commons and up thru Beacon Hill. The houses in Beacon Hill were amazing, the roads hilly and narrow, the history…unparrelled. Continuing we made our way acrost the Charlestown Bridge and over to visit the USS Constitution. We took our daughter Emma aboard, lost on her was the significance of all this and this day. The rest of the family grew tired shortly after and I journeyed further to Bunker Hill. I climbed the 294 steps to the top of the monument and witnessed a breathtaking view of Boston and its surroundings.


The cannons aboard the USS Constitution

As I descended the stairs, my legs began to feel weak but I lumbered on to continue the journey I had set out on. PAst the Old North Church and on up to Paul Reveres, and James Otis houses, and finally back to Quincy Market to see a guy hanging upside down.


A street performer in Quincy Market

Alot for one day, but that was only the begining of the history that I was able to see.

Here are some of my favorite shots throughout the day: