A Day at the Aquarium…(Boston Part I)

Part 1 of my Boston series begins with…well actually Boston was a side trip, you see we really went to New Hampshire, but those pics are for another day. The family wanted to go down to do some Boston sight seeing, and figured it would be a great time to snap some photos.

Day one of our Boston only happened because it was raining in Manchester and we were looking for something to do, so future cousin-in-law Ken suggested the aquarium. By the time we reached Boston there was no rain in sight and it was looking beautiful. Apparently everyone in Boston had the same get inside and do something before it rained mentality as we waited in line for over 45minutes to get in. How ever the fun was just beginning as we waited in line.

Without warning a strike of lighting hit next to the aquarium that shook everything around it, bellowed thru the cavern of buildings, and scared everything living thing in sight. Before I could think, I had my daughter Emma in my arms wailing like a banshee. No sooner did she settle down, the heavens opened in what  I thought the aquarium had installed a new “Get wet” – Real to life exhibit.

For the next 30minutes we were drenched on by what appear to be 5 gallon buckets of rain. Finally it was our turn go in and see the exhibits.

A few of my favorite shots: