A Fintak Family Affair

Ah the last of the photos from Saturday. I did say it was quite a busy day, did I not? Not going to write too much about this one, it was quite windy Saturday afternoon, which saved me from using wind machines to get the flowing hair effect. Unfortunately it was also quite overcast, and we couldn’t do as much outdoor shots as I wanted because I couldn’t get the lighting instruments to stay up in all the wind….(note to self, find an assistant) SO I got what I could with just my 430EX flash and ran with it.We ended up shooting an hour later than we had planned which result in hungry baby. But the little guy was a trooper, and an adorable one at that. Thanks Fintaks!

I wanted to be experimental with a couple of these, and I ended up liking those better than the traditional look. As always let me know what you think.

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